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Our Story

OVER 20 YEARS AGO I quit corporate, moved to Italy & ate lots of Pizza for two years. I also trained with Pizza Chefs, Academies & well-known producers of Ingredients & Equipment. Once I felt ready, I moved back to Sydney to open my first Pizzeria.

A FEW YEARS LATER Mrs. Rocco (my darling wife) developed a painful intolerance to gluten. She had to give up Pizza (her favourite food) & I had to find a solution for her...


HELLO SOURDOUGH Our sourdough cultures contain millions of lacto-bacilli (good bacteria) that ferment & break down gluten by over 99.99%. They effectively “pre-digest”  wheat so we can enjoy it without pain, inflammation or bloating 


BTW cutting woodfired pizza hot from the oven makes it sloppy. That’s because hot cheese & sauce run into the gaps & pool at the bottom of your plate. We rest it on racks so it cools & serve it on corrugated so moisture can evaporate & be absorbed before you cut it with ✂

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