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we make

italian pizza

Italy has 4 major Schools of Pizza: the Roman, the Venetian, the Sicilian and of course the Neapolitan.

I love all of them for different reasons.

During the many years spent in Italy, I “borrowed” & "brought together“ recipes and techniques from all the schools. I also learnt from the guys who made the ovens, the guys who milled the flour, those that made the tomato sauce and from many others.

I focused on what I liked and on what “MADE SENSE” to me as an Australian of Italian heritage making pizza in Australia which would still be 100% Italian.

For example, we don't use oil or sugar & cook in a wood fired oven like the Neapolitans, we stretch thinner and use much less dough like the Romans. And most importantly we follow a true sourdough regime as initiated by the new Venetian schools of natural pizza.

True Story: The first RoccoPizza was launched in the UK in 2010 and Yes, the “No Ham & Pineapple” is part of our actual Registered Business name


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