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About Us

I have been on a journey to create the perfect Pizza & Bread for nearly 2 decades travelling from Italy to Africa, the Middle East, America and of course Australia. Along the way I learnt the ancient art of Sourdough. 

True Sourdough (no baker's yeast & long fermentation) is the only dough you should ever eat or give your kids to eat. Our Sourdough is naturally fermented for up to 3 days, hand shaped and wood fired. It contains NO SUGAR, NO YEAST, NO OIL. We add South Australian Stone Ground flour and our Mother yeast to make it naturally Lower in Gluten & Carbs. It has exceptionally high digestibility and flavour, causes no bloating and helps contain sugar spikes.

Rocco DeAngelis

RossoPomodoro (Sydney 2004) - RoccoPizza (London 2009) - RoccoPizza All Natural All Sourdough No Ham & Pineapple (Adelaide 2017)

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RoccoPizza All natural All sourdough No Ham and Pineapple
336 Findon Road, Adelaide SA 5025, Australia
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Food delivery in Adelaide

RoccoPizza no ham and pineapple delivery? 

When you want to be served like a King, a Queen or a Princess, Pizza delivery from RoccoPizza no ham and pineapple is your best and only choice.

Simply select "Delivery" at the checkout screen and we hope you'll appreciate our all natural - all Sourdough Pizza delivery.

Delivery fee

Zone 1, Min - $20.00, Fee - $5.99
Zone 2, Min - $20.00, Fee - $7.99
Zone 3, Min - $20.00, Fee - $9.99

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