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all natural - all sourdough pizza
italian sourdough - woodfired


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our very special dough

I've been on a quest to create the perfect Pizza & Bread for nearly 2 decades. My journey has taken me through Italy, Africa, the Middle East, America and of course Australia. Along the way I learnt the ancient art of Sourdough.


True Sourdough (no baker's yeast & long fermentation) is the only dough we should ever eat or give our kids to eat. Our Sourdough is naturally fermented for up to 3 days using only 3 ingredients (water, flour and salt) to which we add our all natural mother culture. We never add sugar, yeast, oil.

Our Sourdough has exceptionally high digestibility and flavour. It never causes bloating. It is friendly to most intolerances and helps contain sugar spikes.

Rocco DeAngelis

RossoPomodoro (Sydney 2004) - RoccoPizza (London 2009) - RoccoPizza Italian Sourdough (Adelaide 2017)

3 days... 3 ingredients

So many suffer from bloating and intolerances after eating wheat products... Come and try a sample of true sourdough pizza/focaccia or bread on us. You can even take it home to try.


Our true Italian Sourdough has no added oil, sugars, or baker's yeast. It just has 3 ingredients and 3 days natural fermentation to break down the gluten and sugars and to "pre-digest" the wheat before it enters our system.


Let's discover together what it is is about wheat products that make so many feel unwell. Is it actually the wheat? Or is it the additives (baker's yeast, sugars, gluten, preservatives) and the lack of sufficient fermentation time to break the wheat down before we eat it?


Our secret remains... very few ingredients together with a long natural fermentation.


Come and try.

come and try our 

true italian sourdough

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